Wait, What Is This?

This should be pretty clear from our tagline. Don’t Screw It Up is a guide to pregnancy and parenthood by people figuring it out as the go along.

We wanted to share what we learned as we went through the process of having a kid and starting a podcast seemed like the most narcissistic way to do that. So here we are.

Ok, So Who Are You?

We’re Dave and Eileen. We’ve been married since 2014 and in 2016 we found out that we’re making a new person. We also have an awesome cat named Chairman Meow.

Dave, like most other scrawny guys in the Bay Area, is a software developer.

Eileen is a part time tree hugger who works as a project manager in the renewable energy industry.

Want to know more about us?

Dave’s Twitter: @dorkrawk

Eileen’s Twitter: @leentothebeen

Dave’s comic: Mount Saint Awesome

Dave’s website: Dinosaurs Eat Everybody

So What Qualifies You Do Talk About This?

We’re having a kid and I think that makes us experts on everything. Also we’ve been making an effort to read things that site primary sources and avoid too many old wives (or husbands?) tales. That said, we are no more experts than anyone else with a fetus and a library card. THAT said, you should still listen and adhere to everything we say.